Anup Anand Singh

Postgraduate Researcher
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

Physics and mathematics inspire each other in beautiful ways. It is this interplay between the two that draws me to integrability, the broad area of my doctoral research. An integrable system – characterised by a set of equations that can be “solved exactly” – is highly symmetrical and has fascinating mathematical structures. And while integrability in the natural world is rare, it offers great insights into the fundamental principles underlying the laws of nature. Together with my doctoral supervisors and collaborators, I am currently trying to further our understanding of what are called classical integrable theories and devise a framework for their covariant quantisation.

You can read more about these ideas (and some past projects) here. Or head here for my arXiv preprints. You can also check out my Google Scholar and iNSPIRE HEP profiles.

I can be reached at anupanandsingh[at]

Preprints and publications

  1. arXiv
    Lagrangian multiform for cyclotomic Gaudin models
    Vincent Caudrelier, Anup Anand Singh, and Benoît Vicedo
    Preprint, May 2024
  2. LMP
    Lagrangian multiforms on coadjoint orbits for finite-dimensional integrable systems
    Vincent Caudrelier, Marta Dell’Atti, and Anup Anand Singh
    Letters in Mathematical Physics, Feb 2024
  3. CQG
    Entropy and the link action in the causal set path-sum
    Abhishek Mathur, Anup Anand Singh, and Sumati Surya
    Classical and Quantum Gravity, Dec 2020